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    No display, No Beeps on DH61WW

    Sampath Muthunayake

      Dear All,


      I have a main board DH61WW and it have been worked well. After 3 month back, when I on the PC not come to display or any beeps sounds . Other peripherals are okay, which are the attached. (RAM, CPU, HDD).

      So I am hopping a valuable advice to fix this matter.


      Thank You,


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          Hello Sampath,

          Have you preformed any BIOS updated lately? Which is the current BIOS version of your motherboard? Any change made on BIOS on these days?




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            Sampath Muthunayake



            1. not not preformed BIOS update.

            2. the system on without RAM, then comes beep sound.

            3. CMOS cleared, but system same.

            4. Remove the CMOS battery, RAM, HDD and Power. after one hours back, re-connect and turn on the system turn on the power.system is back.. successfully. 

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              I'm glad to know your system is working now.



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                There is a new BIOS version 0116 that you may want to try. You can download the file on the following link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=Intel%20Desktop%20Board%20DH61be&sort=Date&sortDir=descending&perpage=10&DownloadType=BIOS


                This download is valid for the product(s) listed below. Intel® Desktop Board DH61BE

                Intel® Desktop Board DH61CR 

                Intel® Desktop Board DH61DL 

                Intel® Desktop Board DH61SA 

                Intel® Desktop Board DH61WW 

                Intel® Desktop Board DH61ZE



                • Fixed issue where SATA3 ports are unstable for operating system installation.
                • Fixed issue where USB ports randomly fail.
                • Fixed issue where PS/2 keyboard LED does not turn off when system is off.
                • Fixed issue where PCIe slot 2 loses functionality when LAN is disabled. PCIe Slot 3 can be selected when inserting device into PCIe slot 2.
                • Fixed issue where PS/2 devices still work in the operating system when the PS/2 port is disabled in BIOS.




                If your system’s current BIOS version is 0048 or earlier, you must first update to version 0099 before updating to 0109 or later.

                BIOS version 0099 added support for Microsoft Windows 8*. Due to structural changes in this BIOS version, once a board has been converted to this version or later, it will no longer be possible to downgrade the BIOS to version 0048 or earlier. Attempting a BIOS downgrade to a previous version may fail – the board BIOS will remain at its current version.


                1. Regards.
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                  Sampath Muthunayake

                  Thanks and Noted.


                  BIOS Updated to ver. 0116 and successfully.



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                    I'm glad to know it worked.



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                      I have the same problem but i have already updated the BIOS latest version. It work for a couple of days but now i have no display and no beep codes coming from the mother board i check it with out the ram and still no beep codes. Can you help me ?

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                        What *does* it do? When the system is powered off (but still plugged into the wall), is the green Standby Power LED on the motherboard lit? When you press the power button, does the processor's fan start spinning? Does the power LED on the front of the PC also come on?


                        Are you using an add-in graphics card? If so - and your monitor supports it - remove this graphics card and connect the monitor to the VGA connector on the back panel of the motherboard. Power on and see if you see a display.


                        How many memory DIMMs do you have plugged into the motherboard? If you only have a single DIMM, try moving it to the other connector and then powering on. If you have two DIMMs, remove one of the DIMMs and try powering on. If the system acts the same, move this DIMM to the other connector and try again. If this makes no difference, remove this DIMM and install the other DIMM. Try it in both connectors.


                        Have you cleared CMOS lately? Power off the system and unplug from the wall. Remove the CR2032 battery from the board. Wait 15 minutes. Reinstall the battery onto the board. Plug in and power back on. If it gets the system going again, you will need to set the date and time in BIOS.


                        Let us know the answers to the questions and what happens when you try the various things suggested...


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                          Hi i did all the things in the list. But still no display. What to do ?


                          1. When the system is powered off Standby Power LED on in the motherboard.
                          2. Yes when i press the power button CPU fan start and the power led come on.
                          3. I don't use a VGA card i use the on-board VGA. And the monitor is working with other machines.
                          4. I have only one RAM and it's 4GB. And tested it changing the ram slots still no display.
                          5. I try to power on the machine without a ram it suppose  to gave me a beep code right saying there is no ram ? No beep came form the motherboard.
                          6. I have cleared CMOS just as you said still no display.
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                            Check for the following:

                            1. The video cable is connected properly at the monitor and the computer.
                            2. Be sure to select the correct input source, if the monitor provides multiple input source types. Examples: VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort.
                            3. A green light indicates the monitor has sufficient power and is getting a video signal.
                            4. An amber light displays if the monitor has power but it is not getting a video signal from the computer. The problem is likely in the computer.
                            5. Try different video cable and RAM if it is possible.


                            Various issues with the chassis can cause no video or no boot situations.

                            Check for foreign objects inside the chassis such as screws that can ground the desktop.

                            Attach the desktop board correctly to the chassis base with the spacers/stand-offs. Make sure not to tighten the screws too much.


                            If the problem persists and the motherboard is still under the three years warranty, I suggest you to contact support to get a replacement for the unit.