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    Dithering issues


      Recently, I got a laptop with HD 4600 graphics. Opened up windows 8, and gradients looked terrible, banded, etc, because of the dithering (byproduct of bad color depth, and probably bad dithering algorithms). Not a display problem, because when I hooked up an external monitor to the laptop, the ugly dithering was still there. When its plugged into my old desktop (with nforce onboard graphics - according to pass mark, 28 times less powerful than the HD 4600) none of that is visible.

      Basically, I am asking this. Can (will) Intel give us some options to configure dithering, or just generate output that doesn't need it in the first place? I really can't stand my $1000 laptop screen looking like the one on my $200 nexus 7.

      Or am I screwed because the hardware is made to dither like that?


      By the way, laptop is a y510p with core i7 4700mq.