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    DP45SG Power Up Problem


      I will try to be as clear as possible:

      My system was running perfectly for almost a month, and then it suddenly refused to power on.  It hung a couple of times at the intel splash screen, and then it finally stopped putting out any video when I tried rebooting.  The power LED was stuck on.  When I clicked the power button, the fans would spin for 2 or 3 seconds, stop spinning for 2 or 3 seconds, and then start spinning continuously, but I never got any video output or motherboard beeps.  I called intel support and they confirmed that all of my hardware should be compatable.  They had me remove everything except the processor and power supply.  When I booted in this configuration, I heard the 3 beeps that indicate the mobo recognizes the lack of memory--which is supposedly a good sign.  I then installed my video card and as I inserted it, the case power LED came on again... When I powered up, I got video AND I made it to the intel splash screen where it hung while displaying post code 50.  Rebooting gave me the same code each time.  I tried the video card in the 2nd PCIe slot and it hung on code EB.  I tried a 2nd video card and it hung with the same code.  I am fully stumped, does anyone have any ideas?