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    Installation of Win7 x64 not possible due to missing DVD driver ?




      I have tried to install Windows 7 x64 on my NUC DC3217IYE from a 4 Gb USB Key (official ISO with SP1 integrated, downloaded on Microsoft website and official Windows DVD/USB Download Tool from Microsoft)


      The NUC is booting correctly with the USB key, Windows install begins, and then, an error message appears : DVD/CD driver missing

      I'm asked to provide the missing driver before Install can resume.


      Apparently (after searching with Google), this error is caused by missing SATA/AHCI drivers, or missing USB drivers.

      I tried to provide the latest NUC drivers from Intel website : AHCI, Chipset, and select drivers marked as compatible with the hardware, but it didn't work

      Another solution found with Google was to put the USB key on a different USB port, but it didn't work either.


      Did someone encounter the same problem ? Do someone have a solution ?