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    build questions



      Im upgrading my pc and I have questions.

      PC usage: Win 7 home pro 64bit, Visual Studio 2010, 3DS max 2012 (lerning), from time to time I play games, watch b-ray movies...


      Im considering the purchase of:

      Intel MB: DX79SR

      CPU: Intel Core I7 3820

      (now im using sli mode of 2x evga gtx280 - not likely to change them now, 2x seagate 750GB, sb x-fi fatal1ty, thermaltake 1000W psu)


      Q1: Which MEMORY should I buy / use ? (kingstone hyper-x...?) and how much (8/16/32 gb?)

      Q2: Should I consider of buying SSD to speed up HDDs ? (If yes - which one will be good form intel, and what size?)


      Q3: I will not use any of overclock feautures, Im interested in: stability, reliability, long-life, performance. Should I buy another main board or cpu ?