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    D2700DC won't boot automatically from USB




      I use a D2700DC w/o HDD and want to boot from a USB memory stick. (I think that) all settings are made in the BIOS to boot from USB,

      but on the screen the typical message "... no bootable device found ..." appears.

      If I select the "boot options" menu with <F10> after a restart, I can choose to boot from USB, and it will work without a problem. But after a

      restart, the system will not automatically boot from the USB memory stick.


      In the BIOS the following settings are made:

      Legacy USB support enabled

      Boot from USB enabled

      Boot first from USB enabled

      All BIOS optimization disabled


      Product Code: BOXD2700DC

      Version #: G32420-602

      S/N: BQDC21700234

      Date of manufacture: 27 APR 12


      What is the problem with the settings I've done? The BIOS version is the originally one (no update till now).


      Thanks for your help,