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    DH61AG not detecting mini pcie cards after bios update


      Hello there


      I recently purchased a DH61AG motherboard. I chose it mainly because of the 2 mini pcie slots on the board. It has an I3 3225 cpu and 8g of ram. I believe it was on bios revision 44 when I bought it. The mini pcie slots are populated with an intel 6235 wifi card and an avermedia a317 tv tuner card. All was working well until I upgraded to the A106 bios. At this point my tuner card was no longer detected. Thinking that the problem was with the tuner card I purchased a new one, Habey hb-mat5070. When I installed this card it also was not detected. I installed both tuners in an older laptop I have and both cards were detected and worked fine. This leads me to believe that (A) the bios has caused a problem with my board, (B) defective board. I have seen other posts about the A106 bios messing up the pcie slot so I guess I am probably in the same boat. Is there any workaround to downgrade the bios back to the 44 revision. Can we expect a fix to this anytime soon, or should I just RMA the board to get a replacement with a downgraded bios. Any help would be appreciated.