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    Intel Desktop board DH87MC help required...


      Dear Members,


      Hope you all are doing well. I m new to this forum so i dont know very well if the question i m putting in front relates here or not. But i need a little help and couldn't find anywhere else so here it goes.


      I am in phase of buying a new PC for myself (a mid level gaming build) and planning to go for an i5 4670K. However, the only motherboard available in my country at the moment is the intel DH87MC which is full ATX (a part of my primary requirement).


      My question is that is this board a good to go? I m not in over-clocking and all but I will be using a discrete GPU. Also, I heard about a usb 3.0 bug in haswell boards lately in the news. will i encounter the bug in this board or has it been sorted out? I seek a general review of the board from the members. thats all.


      Thank you all in anticipation.