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    Intel Z87 and SSD RAID0 questions




      I just go my new 4770K & Z87 setup. I have three 256GB Samsung 840 PRO SSD drives. One for the OS (Windows 8 64-bit) and two configured as RAID0 for my virtual machines. Windows 8 is detecting this single OS drive as SSD like it should but this RAID0 volume is detected as normal HDD when I open Windows 8 "Disk Optimizer". Is this normal and should I do something with this? I'm worried about the TRIM functionality for these SSDs in RAID0. I know that Intel RST supports TRIM functions in RAID0 configurations.


      Also there are some settings for this RAID0 in RST and I'm not 100% sure what they are and shoudl I change them. Are these optimal? These are the default values.



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          You may need to check if the RAID 0 volume is in ‘Normal’ state; TRIM commands will not be processed to the volume during ‘Rebuild’ or ‘Migration’ states

          And all SSDs must report that they support the Data Set Management/TRIM command in their ATA identify data in accordance with the ATA-8 specification


          Further than this, is Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology installed on this system? If so, what version is being used?