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    DZ87KLT-75K Shutdown produce a restart


      Hi all,


      everytimes I want to shutdown my PC with Windows 8 Pro with Media Center x64, then it will be a restart. If the system is running the Standby Power LED is blinking. At the Post LED I can read a Ab or A6 and at the second a 30. I hope anybody know what I have to do to troubleshot These problem.


      Here is my system components:


      DZ87KLT-75K into a Silverstone SST-RV01 B-W USB3.0 Raven Case

      i7-4770K (nothing is overclocked with boxed Cooler)

      Patriot Viper3 2x4GB Intel Extreme Masters Edition 2133MHz (in automatic mode @1600MHz)

      Silverstone SST-ST1000-G Strider Gold Evolution PSU (the manufacturer write on his website that is Haswell compatible)

      EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 SC connected to the 1st PCIe x16 (HDMI-Connection to a BenQ RL2450HT)

      OCZ Vertex 4 256GB connected to SATA0
      2x2TB Western Digital Caviar Green (configured as a Win8 storageplace with mirroring) connected to SATA2+3

      Samsung SSD 64GB connected to SATA4

      LG BH16NS40 BDRW connected to SATA1

      US-Robotics USR5638 PCIe Faxmodem connected to the 1st PCIe x1

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