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    i7 2600k randomly overheating


      Hello, I have an i7 2600k that sometimes starts overheating, it hits 98 degrees celsius and stays there for a couple of minutes and then goes back to normal. This happens randomly, it can be a week before it happens again.

      I have reseated my cooler and reapplied thermal paste, the cooler is the Corsair H60.


      It doesn't always reach a high load when it's overheating but sometimes it goes up to 100% and it throttles down to about 800MHz. And it's not overclocked. Never goes above 98 either.


      I have used the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and it passed that.


      When it's not overheating it works perfectly which is why I'm confused and can't seem to figure out what is causing it and since it's random it's a bit difficult to check the bios since it can be up to a week before it happens again.


      I need some help trying to figure this out.

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          Hello Ghezzo,


          In your case, I recommend you to update the drivers to the latest ones from the motherboard system manufacturer side. The BIOS updates always contain new fixes for the system in order to make it work properly.

          There are some other troubleshooting steps I want to recommend you:


          1. Test another cooling solution in your system.
          2. Change the RAM memory. We have seen cases where the Ram fails and causes the processor to overheat.
          3. Test another power supply.
          4. Take the motherboard outside of the chassis and test the unit.
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            I put the stock cooler back and used it for a few days and it worked just fine, and I just now put the h60 back and it's overheating right away.


            In the bios the cpu fan speed says N/A and temperature rising, so I think the pump is dead.


            Thanks for answering and I guess I have to get a new cooler then.