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    DZ77GA-70K issues after bios update


      Hi! I'm not very good at english so I hope you forgive me my grammar and punctuation.


      The problem is:

      MoBo starts automatically after  shutdown. There's no matter how it was shutdown, via OS or button. It looks like you push the power button, OS exits and power is off, two or three secs and it runs again. After, if press the button during post, it will shutdown, finally. If allow it to boot OS, the cycle repeats.


      It all began after i decide to move from 066 to 064 bios version. I always use flash drive to update, but that time I deal it with .EB.EXE package. There were no errors during bios blocks update, all ok.

      May be the fault was that I start configure bios right after first restart without booting to OS and facing "successfully updated your bios" splash window. After I finished setting system restart twice in a row and only after that I can get to boot screen.


      What i tried:

      Reset bios via jumper

      Reset bios via battery removal

      Update back to 066

      Update like first time but proper

      Doing so brings me no results.


      The one thing I can suggest is that reboot script from bios update kit some way now runs infinite on my machine. This is isn't affects stability or so but quite annoying.

      I'm not familiar with ITK, but hope it can be fixed without hardware reprogram of SPI.

      Thanks in future advance.