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    Virtualization Technology (vt-d) on mother board(Intel DQ87PG) vs Processor(i7 4770)


      I'm looking to buildapc with Vt-d enabled(because i use Virtual machines alot on top of the OS) i need some help in understanding Vt-d on Motherboard vs Processor.

      The processor i choosed was i7 4770 which is Vt-d and Vt-x enabled. If the processor is vt-d enabled do i still need the motherboard with Vt-d enabled?

      I looked at some of the intel motherboards compatible with i7 4770, I saw some differences in virtualization on mother boards i have choosed (Intel DQ87PG, DH87MC, DZ87KLT-75K). The comparison chart on the Intel Website shows that DQ87PG is VT-D enabled but the others are not. http://ark.intel.com/compare/70898,70903,69045

      So my question here is If the processor is Vt-d,Vt-x enabled do i still need the motherboard to have Vt-d enabled in order to run virtual machines on top the OS?