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    raid web console 2


      I have been doing some work for new client that has a rather old server. here are the specs:


      Supermicro X7DBR-E motherboard(it has the intel 5000p chipset and ESB2 Raid controller)

      4-500GB WD hard drives Raid 5

      32 GB RAM

      Windows Server 2012 Full install.


      Here is my issue, I know we can not use Intel RST to monitor the RAID as the newest version(12.5) does not support Server 2012 or the ESB2 controller as far as I can tell. I downloaded and installed the newest version of Raid Web Console 2 and did a local install under the local Administrator account. Everything seemed to install fine, but when I launch the program it says  "no storage controller found". I checked the installed devices and windows shows the 5000p chipset and the ESB2 raid controller. The account I am using is on the local install and not on a VM. I am just wondeing if I did something wrong as I have not used Web Console before, or if I am just never going to be able to monitor the RAID inside Windows because of the age of the chipset combined with Server 2012. Any suggestions would be helpfull.