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    Intel DQ77KB board eDP support in BIOS




      I'm trying to use the eDP port of DQ77KB, to connect it internally to a standard 20 pin DP receiver.


      Question 1:

      first of all, in BIOS settings, I cannot enable the eDP as the flat panel interface. in video settings-> IGD flat panel settings, I can see only  "LVDS" and "Disable" options.  how can I enable the eDP interface?


      Question 2:

      I did not find any eDP to DP cable, so I'm planning to make one, using the  ACES88441 connector and a custom cable to connect the 4 digital Lanes to my DP receiver.  Do you have any recommendation that this pin-out is correct and eDP and DP are compatible?


      Pin OnPin OnDesc
      312Lane 3 N
      410Lane 3 P
      69Lane 2 N
      77Lane 2 P
      96Lane 1 N
      104Lane 1 P
      123Lane 0 N
      131Lane 0 P
      1515AUX P
      1617AUX N
      2718Hot Plug