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    Windows 7 RC - GMA965 Mobile - HDMI: no option to scale

      Hey hey,


        I've been running Windows 7 in beta and now RC and I've noticed with both WDDM versions that when using the HDMI output to an HDTV there is no section I can find to change the aspect option/scale the screen.  At 1280x720 on my Dell Inspiron 1525, the display ends up outside of the screen boundaries of the HDTV.  In Vista there are options to change the aspect ratio options when outputting only to the HDTV (and not on the laptop screen) but I can't find any similar option using the drivers in Windows 7.   It's not a big deal as I'm dual booting with Vista anyway, but I'm curious if it's just not implemented or if I'm blindly missing some option subscreen somewhere .  Anyone else have any run ins with something similar?