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    How to disable power saving on Clover Trail Tablet PC


      Hello to everyone! Please help me. I have Samsung Ativ SmartPC 500t, Windows 8, with Intel`s Clover Trail and Intel GMA. The problem is, that when tablet working from charging all works fine, but when it working from battery performance getting lower and screen colors get oversaturated and contrast (like on the picture (left - charging, right - battery):



      I saw that a desktop and notebook versions of Intel GMA`s control panels have an option, like here:




      But my version of GMA control panel havent any options exept color managment. How to turn off power saving technology? (The problem is in gma driver, because when i turn off driver at device manager, colors get back to normal). Maybe there is a chance to get tablet work from battery same as from charging. The gma drivers are latest, power scheme in windows 8 set same for batter and charging, windows 8 feature of display auto brightness set off too. Please help me! Thank you)