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    Intel SSD 525 Overheating


      Hello Community,


      i got an Intel SSD 525 (240GB) mSATA drive for my notebook (Lenovo Y580) and  installed Windows 8.

      Suddenly my notebook turns of and does not detect the SSD on reboot. After some minutes i tried again and the SSD shows up, everything looks fine.

      I installed IntelSSD Toolbox wich says, no problem, SSD status 100%. With CrystalDiskInfo, i could see the problem, the SSD has 65-70°C in idle (while the rest of the system is from 47°C (Intel HD Graphic) to 57°C (CPU Intel I7 / nVidia GTX 660M)

      If i copy something from HDD to SSD, the SSD temperature goes up to 85°.

      I dont think it's a problem with temp. of other components, because in 3DMark Test, GPU and CPU go up to 90°C while SSD stays at ~70° if 3DMark is loaded from HDD and 85° if 3DMark is loaded from SSD

      Room temperature is 30°C

      The old mSATA (32GB) never had any problem, but i never looked which temperature it has because there was no error.

      Actually my solution is, to open the bottom of my notebook an put in in front of big ventilator, which keeps the SSD at 55°, but it's no solution to took my ventilator everywhere i go.


      I hope my english is not too bad, i tried my best



      Best regards

      Mauel Ritter