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    What are your best practices for tablet security and manageability in the enterprise

    Christopher Peters



      Many organizations are embracing and adopting enterprise tablets as a key business and productivity tool much in response to the Consumerization of IT


      During our monthly Intel IT Center Talk-to-an-Expert webinar on June 19, I hosted Toby Kohlenberg and Roy Ubry from Intel IT as they completed a lengthy assessment of tablet use models and the options and approaches IT can take to support them as BYOD and enterprise integrated tools.


      I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and exploring tablet adoption insights from Intel IT today and welcome expanding that dialogue to members of the IT Peer Network. I'll start with a few questions .. or simply ask your own below


      • What benefits are there for integrating tablets instead of simply supporting BYOD tablets?
      • What solutions do you rely on for security and manageability?
      • What are your best practices?