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    Core i5 3450 Temperature


      Hi everybody. I've registered a few minutes ago and this is my post. I use AIDA64 to monitor my components temperature. A few hours ago I checked the temperature of my CPU, while I was playing Metro: Last Light. This is what I found out.

      CPU: 50C

      CPU Package: 56C

      I'm using intel stock CPU cooler. I just wanna know whether it's a good temperature or not? By the way My room is kinda hot because of summer! I think it's around 32-35C. My idle temperature is this:

      CPU: 41C

      CPU Package: 44C

      Now how is that? Am I supposed to be worried?i5

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          Hello ExpM.


          The temperatures you provided are perfectly normal in both cases (load and idle) assuming the software you are using is reporting correctly.


          You can see here the specifications for the Intel® Core i5-3450 processor and you are not even reaching Tcase while playing the game, which is good. However, just to make sure keep the case with good airflow in general and also monitor the temperature from BIOS or run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.


          Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool