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    Windows 7 64bit freeze problem on DZ77RE-75K + 520SSD


      I am using a new desktop with DZ77RE-75K board. OS is Windows 7 64bit Enterprise. I am annoyed by  endless freeze problem.


      The detailed device list:

      CPU: 3770K


      240G Intel 520 series SSD + 2x Seagate Barracuda 2T

      2x 8G 1600 memory


      The freeze happens without any sign, when i browse the web or start an app. The mouse and keyboard lose response suddenly and i have to turn off the power manually and get an unexpected system power down. It seems that the problem happens more when i start uploading something to the web, but not every time. I also noticed everything on this new desktop works a bit slowly than other normal machines.


      I have tried the following solutions as I know,

      1. Rebuild the OS (many times)

      2. Update all the drivers to the latest ones and the Bios is also updated

      3. Check the connective bus of all the had disks

      but it still freezes...


      I use the default Bios setting. Should i change something in Bios?


      This made me so crazy... Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance.