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    New wireless software not working properly with MSI GT70 (Intel Wireless 15.8.0).




      I'm having an Issue with the new wireless software.  I've been having connection issues with the new driver.  Every time I boot up the computer under Windows 8 Pro, the internet will not connect.  I have been opening up Intel's Pro Wireless Software and renewing the IP address every time.  Is there a problem with the settings?  I used to have an older driver and it worked but don't know why the updated one is having problems.


      I have installed 2 items alongside the driver:

      1. Uninstalled Pro Wireless software and driver.

      2. Uninstalled Intet Display 4000 driver

      3.  Installed Pro Wireless sotware and drivers (newer version 15.8.0)

      4.  Installed Intel Display 4000 driver (latest version).


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you,