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    DH67CLB3 bricked?


      Today i updated my DH67CLB3 bios.


      Old bios version:


      For the new bios version i just got the most recent from the intel website: BL0160.BIO ( Download Center)


      I used the f7 methode from a usb stick and everything seemed to be going well, it even showed me a reassuring "bios update has completed succesfully".


      Then the computer rebooted and i didn't see anything anymore. No beeps, no signal on the monitor (optical/hard drives seemed to be spinning up normally judging from the sound).


      After this i attemped the recovery methode by removing the jumper on the motherboard, still no video (or anything else).


      I'm wondering one thing. Is it possible that the bios update actually went fine but that the bios for some reason doesn't want to use the integrated graphics from my i7-2600 anymore?


      Is there something i can still try or do i need to replace the motherboard?