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    X25-M 80GB data integrity problem!


      mHey intel community!


      When I do a diagnostic scan in my SSD tool, it tells me that I have data integrity problem at 64% is there any help or tool to fix this?
      or is this the end of my SSD? I have problems to get a fresh install of windows 7 to work.. because I get "memory management bluescreens" and wierd errors while completing windows updates. for example: it's not possible to finish the service pack 1 update.


      I'm still searching for the source of the error, because I'm not sure if it's my SSD or my RAM.


      smart tool details:
      functionality - good
      remaining life time - about 98%
      power-on hours count: 6418


      all options there are green and ready
      data integrity problem at 64% (in quick and detailed mode)


      I'm not sure that all translations are correct, because I'm from germany
      but if you can help me in any way.. you're welcome


      greetings daen

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          Have you tried running chkdsk?

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            yes I tried.. it finished without errors but no changes



            but thank you any help is appreciated

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              Okay.  Just some general things.  Do you have Sleep and Hibernate disabled?  Is your BIOS and Chipset firmware up to date?  Does your computer have a built in RAM diagnostic tool?  Have you checked Event Manager for errors?  Have you emptied C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download?


              Any chance of a virus?

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                Yes, sleep and hibernate is disabled. Bios & chipset up to date. SSD firmware up to date

                I think I have no built in RAM diagnostic tool. Virus.. no I dont  think so. Always got kaspersky up to date and I had problems with fresh windows


                I had one bluescreen while I was installing windows. I tried about 20 times now and always with format c:


                my eventmanager is now without a critical error. but I can try to get one, when I do windows updates
                then I'll post here.
                I know its possible that my RAM is damaged and that it could be the main problem, but something seems to be wrong with the SSD

                Can't switch the program to english but it tells me to ask Mr. Intel

                maybe there is a way to fix this


                I tried the service pack install, it was at 99% then I had "bad pool header" bluescreen then after reboot I tried to get to the event manager.. bluescreen again, but this time my old friend "memory management"
                now I'll remove all my other HDD's and try again.



                with SSD only... memory management bluescreen just after I was about to copy something to SSD to run updates. now trying the other way around. just HDD without SSD *sigh*

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                  Hello Daen,


                  Just to clarify Windows* 7 has a memory diagnostic tool (RAM); however, due to the results obtained from the Intel® SSD Toolbox’s diagnostic test I would recommend to contact your local Intel® SSD support team for a possible warranty replacement.






                  Please also note the Intel® SSD Toolbox uses the operating system default language.