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    880x480 in XPe, IEGD


      Hello everyone,


      I'm facing a customer's hardware setup, consisting of an Atom N450-based PC and a VGA-attached display (no DDC) with a likely native resolution of 880x480. I can configure a DTD in IEGD 10.3.1 for 800x480@60 and it works (note that the default DTD for that resolution, provided by Intel, is pretty sick, the blank space is too large). If I try 880x480 or 904x480 or anything in that vein, the resulting IEGD build installed on the target machine doesn't offer that resolution - not in the "show all resolutions" dialog, not in the IEGD GUI.


      Any ideas are welcome... is this a Windows feature? Is this an IEGD feature?

      Thanks in advance for any responses.