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    DP965LT Board issue: System powers up, POST appears and within 5-6 seconds, system shuts down


      I have a very peculiar issue. A DP965LT system board, which has been running flawlessly for 3-4 years, now will not boot up. System gets power, POST appears, and before the system could start booting, it shuts down within 5-6 seconds. I've swapped power supplies, which made no difference. I've removed all devices and external connections, except power, video, KB and mouse. No difference. I swapped ram and still no change. I took out CPU, removed and discharged battery for a few hours. Cleaned all heat sink and all suspect dust. Still same issue. I don't get any error beeps. Just shuts down. Could this be a system board issue or CPU? Anyone else experience similar problems?

      Thanks in advance!