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    HD 2500 HDMI port has no signal


      Hi All,


      I've looked here and a couple other sites for what seems to be a frequent problem with few solid answers.  I just got a new monitor capable of 1080p resolution.  It has both HDMI and VGA ports.  I'm trying to drive it off an fairly new i5 chip that has integrated HD 2500 graphics on a Foxxcomm mobo.  All I am getting is a black screen.  The monitor works fine on the VGA port and on the HDMI port of another computer. 


      When I go to screen resolution, the computer does recognize the new monitor when I leave the old monitor on VGA (or vise versa) and gives me the usual choices of extending the displays, primary monitors, etc.  I've tried most of the combinations and still get nothing.  In combing through some threads I tried disabling and re-enabling the display adapter, hitting Win/p and a couple other fruitless combinations.  Then I went into the BIOS and couldn't find anything about displays (from Dell A09).  Drivers are fresh.


      The closest thing I could find on this site was about a year ago and it was that this was a known issue but there was no ETA on a fix.  The OP left it at that so I couldn't tell if it was ever resolved.


      Long-story short, unless I convince it otherwise, that HDMI port is as dead as disco.  The monitor works well on VGA but there is no chance of using both monitors.  I'm hoping that in the intervening time there has been some action on this


      Thanks for looking, sh