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    Difference between Core i7-3820 and Xeon E5-1620


      Hi there,


      I'm currently designing a new computer for image processing system. As I ran through the specifications I didn't notice any important difference between those processors (including price). I don't need any server-oriented things like ECC memory etc. The main task sequence of continuous processing follows:

      1. DMA grabbed image from PCIe card

      2. Allocate memory and copy image

      3. Do some simple integer processing over every byte

      4. Deallocate image

      5. Go to step 1


      The sequence is repeated 140 times per second with overall flow of images of about 1 GB/s.


      We have already tested it on i7 3820 with cpu load of about 40% (GA-X79-UD3, quad memory DD3 1600)


      Is it worth it to buy and test Xeon E5 1620 for this kind of processing, so we could get lower cpu load?


      Thank your for your advice.