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    BSOD after Upgrade in Ram on ThinkCentre M57 (6075-CTO)


      I recently got 2x2gb ddr2 667mhx 5300 Ram modules to put in my ThinkCentre M57 (6075-CTO)

      The MotherBoard is a

      Intel Q35 chipset and ICH9DO


      It only has 2 ram slots so i though i would just upgrade to 4 gigs of ram.


      I also have a gt430 video card which is 1gb or memory as well


      So when both ram and video card are in i get bsod on my pc

      if i take out the video card everything runs fine with no issues and it shows up the 4gb of ram.

      if i take out 1 2gb stick of ram and install the video card back and put a 1gb stick of ram inplace of the 2gb so total of 3gb now with video card and everything boots up great.


      I dont understand why i cant boot without bsod with my video card and 4gb of ram installed?


      any help would be greatly thanked.

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          You may need to check on this directly with the computer and video card manufacturer.

          The chipset is just an intermediate device that is part of the motherboard, hence, this type of issues are to be checked by the Original Equipment Manufacturer itself.

          As part of regular troubleshooting, you may need to update the BIOS of the computer, update the firmware of the video card installed and make sure that the memory installed is compatible with the system you have. Furthermore, check that the power supply installed will provide the required power for all the hardware installed.