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    Movie Maker 2012 not working. Graphics related?


      So when I got my laptop, a Gateway ID59C Intel Core i3-350M Processor, Intel HD Graphics, Windows 7 Home version, all the programs on it worked fine.
      I used Window Movie Maker and it worked perfectly til one day Microsoft did an auto-update on Windows Essentials and then my Movie Maker suddenly stopped working.


      I find Microsoft a 10/10 on being useless (find your solution, or ask members in the community for a solution, just don't ask us)


      I checked the graphics card but it always the drivers are up to date. I download drivers from Intel servers and each time says the driver is up to date, even though I heavily suspect it isn't.


      Anybody else ran into this problem or have a solution?



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          If this started after a Windows* update it must be related to a operating system corruption or a problem with that software. You may try using a restore point previous to those updates. You may also try creating a dump file of the application and share it with Microsoft*. For information on dump files, use this article:




          Check also for any error messages that you may get when you try to run the application, that may give you a hint of the root cause.


          If you would like to test if this is related to the video driver, you may uninstall the video driver and test again, or just disable the video controller through the Device Manager. Check under display adapters, right click on the device and select disable.