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    Boot order Dell Sandy Bridge Windows 7


      I want to change the Boot Order in the BIOS so as the USB Flash Drive is #1. It appears like I have the flash saved as #1 but W7 always boots from the HD.  After the order I want is set up I hit F10. Then a screen comes up "do you want to save changes"=Yes. I hit enter. Then windows starts to load from HD. When I go back into the BIOS the HD is listed as #1.

      I don't have a bit of trouble changing the boot order of my XP OS.

      I am not sure that I am saving the Bios changes correctly after I change the boot order?

      I have tried two different flashes loaded with two different programs from two different sources and have used 4 ports. Flashes have been formatted.

      I want to buy a "Intel NUC". Before I buy I want to feel comfortable about installing the OS.

      Thanks for any help.