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    Processor Upgrade?


      I currently have a Fujitsu T4210 tablet pc. I am looking to upgrade some components. I have a 945GM Express Chipset and want to upgrade my processor. I have been looking at the T7600 or the T7400. My first question is that the T7600 would cost about 125$ more then the T7400 on ebay, Is it worth it?


      Secondly both processors have a number of configurations. The T7600 has two differing SPEC codes the SL9SJ and the SL9SD. As far as i can tell these codes are refering to the "package type" either uFCBGA or uFCPGA refering to the ball or pin grid array. When searching the web as i understand it uFCBGA is only to be used when processors are soldered to the board? Is that correct? The reason i ask is that the only processors i can find on ebay are the SL9SJ which use the ball grid array? But the claims of the merchant are that it will work with any 945GM Express chipset. Will the SL9SJ work? Or do i have to get the SL9SD?


      Thanks for your time.

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          Hi there,


          If you want to compare the two processors, you can compare them on the following link:http://ark.intel.com/Compare.aspx?ids=27256,27257,29739,27518,


          Processors are sold in two different types: boxed and tray. Boxed processors are for customers to buy however tray processors are mostly sold to OEM manufacturers and integrators who build systems. From this link you can notice that the processor with the SL9SJ with the FCBGA socket is only available as a tray processor rather than a boxed processor.; http://ark.intel.com/product.aspx?id=27257&code=Intel%C2%AE+Core%E2%84%A22+Duo+Processor+T7600+(4M+Cache%2c+2.33+GHz%2c+667+MHz+FSB) . However the other SL9SD is available in both boxed and tray but only in FCPGA. These processors have already been discontinued, meaning that Intel has stopped producing them however you may still find it at some computer shop which still have some remaining.


          My advice is when you are buying a processor, always by a boxed version. Also just for your information, warranty for tray processor is different as they are sold only to OEMs.


          In you case you may also need to contact Fujitsu to check with them if you can upgrade your processor first before you buy.



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            Thats helpful i didn't realize that the code refered to the method by which a processor was shipped. Still not sure of the answer though. Will a ball grid array work in my 945GM Express chipset? And second is it worth it to get the T7600 vs the T7400?

            Thanks again!


            Oh and my warranty is looooong gone, So no worries about fujitsu!