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    DG35EC Hardware Virtualization in BIOS


      I am building a new system, want to try Windows 7 64bit, hardware virtualization , etc.

      Intel DG35EC MB, Intel E8400, CPU.

      When I try to run Sun Virtual Box I get this message:

      ‘Please ensure you have enabled VT-x properly in the BIOS of your host computer”

      Does my DG35EC MB have this capability or did I purchase the wrong MB?

      BIOS ver ECG3510M.86A.0106.2008.0730.1746


      If this MB will not work for me, I have a brand new MB for sale cheap :-)





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          Hi there,


          The processor definitely supports virtualization technology. But concerning the motherboard, I am not sure. Just to confirm this, can you go to bios by pressing F2 when prompted during post, then go to the security menu, and if VT is available on this board you will see the option. If it's not there then the boaed does not support VT. However if this option is available, make sure it is set to enabled.


          Normally most of the Q35 and Q45 chipsets motherboards will have virtualization option, also the X38 and X48 as well as some P35,P43 and P45 may also have virtualization. But as far as I know all Q35 and Q45 will have the virtualization.


          To use virtualization,both the cpu and the motherboard have to support VT.