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    Will this fan work for my i7 proc?


      Of the more than 1000 "Retail" boxed Intel processors that I have bought over
      the past few years, this is the first that did not come with a heatsink fan.
      Seems stupid... But this is the first 6-core i7 proc that we bought, so I guess
      it's new terrain.


      I have an Intel i7-3930K proc. Note: IT WILL NEVER BE OVER-CLOKED! It's not
      going to a 15-yearold! It will drive a high-end, high-power workstation for a
      demanding client. It will be in an otherwise roomy, well ventilated case.


      It didnt come with a heatsink/fan. I do have on hand an Intel OEM fan that
      does seem to fit the motherboard. The copper core on it does not completely
      cover the square processor surface, but my techs are telling me that "it will
      work". The numbers on this fan/heatsink are E97380-001, CNDP050B40 and
      DTC-CAA07. It's 12VDC @ 0.60A, made by Delta - Intel-branded.


      Will this fan "work" ?

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          Please note the heatsink/fan for the Intel® Core i7-3930K processor is sold separately, as well as for the other 2011 socket processors.


          You will need to use a heatsink capable of dissipate a maximum of 130W TDP. The recommended parts are the Intel® RTS2011AC or the RTS2011LC which are air cooled and liquid cooled respectively.


          The part number you provided E97380-001 belongs to a 130W TDP heatsink/fan for LGA 1366 socket. Therefore we do not recommend the use of this part since it is for a different socket type.