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    B950 & IntelHD Graphics performance with overclocking


      Hi, all.


      I have some experiments with processor Intel B950 and sandy bridge chipset on Lenovo G580 model.

      By chimera bootloader a try to overclock this processor to 3600 MHz and test it on stability. All looks like ok, but the Integrated graphics have an some questions.


      By default HD2000 works on 800-1200 MHz frequency and some games have an bad performance. This processor have a 2 cores and i want to ask you about how Graphics Card can works if I manualy disable one of cores? Can overclocking processor improve performance on HD2000 or not?


      Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.46.51 PM.jpg


      What about system bus? I overclock it to 1600 MHz and have rated FSB over 6400MHz. Can it helps me?


      Memory ... I try to overclock it to 2600 MHz, can it improve my Graphics?


      Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 7.47.21 PM.jpg


      Why B960, B970 better then B950? How can i disable mobility options on safe energy mode?


      In virtual machine when i enable only one core of two i do not see overclocking on Windows XP( when 2 cores in works i look at overclocking in CPU-Z ). The primary system is OS X 10.7.5.



      Thanks. I think about i7 but it looks like bulshit with 4 or 6 cores on real software ...

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          Please note that the operation of any Intel-manufactured product outside the published specifications can result in data corruption and unreliable system behavior. It will shorten the life of your product, void the warranty of your processor and possibly other devices installed in the computer. Therefore we are precluded to provide any recommendation about your inquiry.

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