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    Centrino 2230 keeps dropping connection in Windows 8


      I just bought a Dell refurbished Inspiron 15r with Windows 8 and I have had connectivity issues since I turned this thing on. I checked around the Forums for solutions but it seems it's all basic information. I grabbed the driver for the card from the Intel website, I looked at the recommended settings for 802.11n connectivity and changed my router's settings to comply, and the wireless card still goes to "limited connection" every 5-20 minutes. A solution to this problem would be great, I'm sick of trying things and having them fail.

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          Hello KrymXun,


          You may want to try the latest Intel® wireless driver for Windows*:



          Is it possible to test with the connection as unsecured and update the router’s firmware? If you have the chance you probably would like to test with a different router too.


          In case of hardware or integration issue you may contact the computer manufacturer for further assistance.

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            I installed that driver and my router's firmware is up to date. My Windows 7 Dell 14r doesn't ever have these problems, it has to be the card or the OS that's causing these problems. I'll contact Dell and see if there's anything they can do but we shall see.

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              Same issue with an HP Envy Ultrabook 4 running on Windows 8.  


              I get the following error in my logs every time


              netDetect::AOACNetDetect::NetDetectSupported Net Detect: Net Detect Supported Error Getting Adapter List Error=0x8004625b

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                I just bought Lenovo y510p Windows 8 and I'm also having Centrino connection drop issue, after I downloaded the latest driver things got a little better, I'm having a smaller drop at least. I'm also using the latest firmware for my router, 350N linksys.

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                  Intel is currently working on a solution for the connection drop issues. This update is planned to be available before the end of Q3. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.


                  We are sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

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                    I am searching this. I see Dell laptop issues with Windows 8 and Centrino. I have a toshiba with Windows 8. I have seen HP and ASUS laptops. I am sure there are others.


                    This seems to be happening around an update. I see an Intel update in the list of recently installed software. I did not ask for the Intel software to install. I see Windows updates that I was told have security information.


                    With only this bit of information, multiple users, same time frame, same Intel/Windows configuration, that someone would make the connection and put out something to explain this. Is it a Windows problem? Is it an Intel problem? Is it a combination?


                    I have 3 laptops in the house. I have the Toshiba next to the router. Distance is not the issue.


                    Remember, everything was working until after we rebotted from a recent update.


                    I do have a Cisco/Linksys router that in another thread implies that it is out of date. Well, it worked until this update. Also, I tried to plug into a wired connection now, and I get the same type of limited connectivity issue.


                    Instead of having hundreds if not thousands of IT people working on this. Someone from Intel and Microsoft please put out a statement.


                    What changed? Is there a way to change it back while this is being researched?



                    Laptop purchased with Windows 8 and Intel Centrino 2230

                    Working fine on the network in question for some period of time

                    recent windows/intel update occurs

                    reboot happens

                    networking now shows limited connectivity


                    This scenario is playing out in hundreds and thousands of users right now. Please someone pay attention and let us know what changed, and how we can fix it.

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                      Hello MikeLouisville, if you get the same behavior from the wired network connection then your issue is not related to the Intel® wireless adapter. This is most likely software or configuration issue, these are some suggestions:

                      • Restart all network devices, including modem/router.
                      • Check with the manufacturer regarding the configuration of the router or access point.
                      • Security software such as antivirus or firewall may also cause the issue.
                      • Update your router’s firmware for better compatibility.


                      You may want to verify the update history of your system. A Windows* System Restore may also work.

                      There are different causes for the same symptoms so we cannot tell it is the same issue for everyone.

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                        I could not disagree more. I have done all of that. No new software has been installed in weeks. Little computer use over the holiday weekend.


                        the only symptom is the installation of intel software and a Microsoft update.


                        By what logic do you make a definitive statement that it cannot be the networking.


                        I am on the wireless now on a 4 year old HP with NO problems. Windows 7.


                        There are too many people reporting this. This is an intel / Windows update issue. Instead of posting the same advice, please look deeper into the problem with customers who can answer these tier 1 questions easily, and move on to the real problem.


                        I believe the numbers will increase as people apply these updates to the machines.


                        did intel/windows push and update in the last 30 days? Simple question. Please answer that before replying with tier 1 advice on turning the router on and off.


                        The router is working 100%.


                        The laptop works 99%. except for the networking. It all started after the update. It may take a while and thousands of posters, but the answer is there for someone who wants to help find it.


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                          If we consider that your wired adapter has the same issue then it is very unlikely a wireless driver problem. Furthermore, the driver released few weeks ago for this adapter was provided for Windows* 7 only.


                          I am inclined to say that the cause of your issue is different because it started with an update. I would say probably related to the TCP/IP stack, the operating system or other software issue.

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                            Interesting. If there was no Intel update, why do I have Intel Proset installed/updated on 11/22/2013?


                            why are others reporting the exact same symptom. Intel software was installed in the last 30 days.


                            Please, if you are having trouble and can read this, reply. You are not alone. Part of the breakdown in these situations is that companies are able to turn it into, you have a virus, or you have a configuration problem, etc. It then becomes the users fault. When the reality in banding together is altogether different.


                            No changes were made except to load windows updates. The intel update was not something called out in the list of updates. How do I know? I am the only one in our house that works on network/system related issues with the laptop. I had not logged into this particular laptop for 2 weeks. When I logged in last week, it needed to reboot to install udpates. I am 97.65% positive because of the sequence of events.


                            Now that we agree an update occurred, maybe there is a problem if Joe Intel thinks it was Windows 7 only.


                            The evidence would seem to indicate this is a false statement. Maybe the information Joe has is incomplete, and therefore his statements about this problem are false and incomplete.


                            Please post if you read this and you are having problems connecting to the internet that started after an update in the last 30 days.


                            What Windows/Intel update was released in the last 30 days?


                            I tried to reset the tcpip stack (suggestion from another post). Unhelpful.

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                              The information provided is correct. These are the latest drivers for Windows* 8 and 8.1:


                              Windows* 8. Version expected in device manager for this operating system:



                              Windows* 8.1. Version expected in device manager for this operating system:


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                                I have a pet peeve with people who seem to engage pontification without any facts to initiate the statements. It must be you, it must be a virus, it must be your router. With no knowledge or evidence of any of these as possible sources of problems, many tech support people seem to magically know the impossible answer.


                                Now, in the face of my statements to the contrary, you are standing your ground. No updates from intel that could have impacted the system. Those are your statements. You are committed to your cause.


                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM    <DIR>          Intel
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM    <DIR>          ..
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM    <DIR>          .

                                11/22/2013  11:59 AM           230,352 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122115850_1_Driver.log
                                11/22/2013  12:00 PM               684 PanDhcpDnsInstall.txt
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM         4,321,438 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122115850_2_WiFi.log
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM    <DIR>          iProInstLogs
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM             5,936 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122120122.log
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM            34,544 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122115850.log
                                11/22/2013  11:58 AM            34,478 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122115850.log
                                11/22/2013  11:59 AM           230,352 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122115850_1_Driver.log
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM         4,321,438 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122115850_2_WiFi.log
                                11/22/2013  12:01 PM             5,870 Intelr_PROSet_Wireless_Software_20131122120122.log


                                This is a directory from the system in question. If there was no intel update pushed last month, why do I have all of these intel files with a modified date of 11/22/2013?


                                Joe, I am not sure of where you have retrieved your information. The evidence is mounting the information is incorrect. Maybe I have the only computer on the planet that was pushed an update in November. Maybe. But, more likely, I believe that this is happening to people who are paying to have a virus removed or some other such non-sense.


                                Can we find a way to really figure this out? I really try to document and follow the evidence in this situation. The evidence, from my 25 years of experience, is that this problem is related to an update. An Intel update specifically, that occurred on 11/22.


                                I have now supplied some proof that your statements were false. There was an update. Please offer a real solution or ideas to this issue based on factual information. Please as someone with the handle, Joe Intel, please act responsibly and not as someone solely trying to defend Intel.


                                Can we agree an update occurred and talk about how it might have impacted the system?

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                                  I am sorry that we have reached a misunderstanding somehow. I have been trying to provide suggestions based on the information provided; however, they are not definitive solutions.

                                  Now, it is possible that the driver was installed on that date or any given date after the official release; in such case, and trying to follow your train of thought, I may suggest a different driver version after a complete removal of the other one.