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    RAM issue with D945GNT mainboard & Windows 7 64 bits


      I have the following problem/situation:


      I own an Intel D945GNT L main board, using a Intel Pentium D945 processor, and running Windows 7 Pro 64 bits.

      The mainboard has the latest BIOS version.

      I use an external PCIExpress video card (NVIDIA GeForce6200 TurboCache), so no memory sharing for video.


      I was using 2 GB RAM (2x1) and both BIOS & Win7 showed RAM=2Gb.

      Yesterday I added 2 Gb. BIOS shows all 4Gb. Win7 shows: Installed 4Gb, 3.25 usable.


      I have checked and discovered BIOS doesn't have the remapping option.

      Verified that the Maximum memory box is unchecked in Boot Advanced Option's in MSCONFIG.


      So, the situation is a CHIPSET problem?

      INTEL says the motherboard supports up to 4Gb ram.


      (I also tested installing 5Gb ram...both BIOS and win 7 show 5Gb installed, but only 3.25 usable).


      I read something confusing in INTEL's site regarding my mainboard:



      Integrator's Note
      It is possible to install four 2048 MB (2 GB) modules for a total of 8 GB of system memory, however, only 4 GB of address space is available.


      What does that mean??? it is a waste of resources??? it will only use 4gb?? or 8?


      Will it be possible of arranging anything to get the full 4Gb operational???

      Despite the mainboard is a discontinued model…can we expect a bios update with the remapping feature???


      Is PAE (physical address extension) related to this??? I can’t clearly see what that means.

      Please, I need your help and advice to get the full amount of RAM usable!


      Thanks in advance.


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          We would like to inform you this motherboard has been discontinued, and Intel will not provide future BIOS or software updated to support new operating systems or improve compatibility with third-party devices and software products.


          The maximum memory supported by the motherboard is 4 GB, even though you are using 2 GB on each DIMM for the total of 8 GB, the board is going to use only 4 GB.

          I am going to research on this product in order to respond your questions with accurate information.


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            Please check the following information available on the TPS of your motherboard.  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d945gnt/sb/CS-029359.htm


            “The board utilizes 4 GB of addressable system memory. Typically the address space that is allocated for PCI Conventional bus add-in cards, PCI Express configuration space, BIOS (SPI Flash), and chipset overhead resides above the top of DRAM (total system memory). On a system that has 4 GB of system memory installed, it is not possible to use all of the installed memory due to system address space being allocated for other system critical functions. These functions include the following:

            • BIOS/ SPI Flash (2 MB)
            • Local APIC (19 MB)
            • Digital Media Interface (40 MB)
            • Front side bus interrupts (17 MB)
            • PCI Express configuration space (256 MB)
            • MCH base address registers, internal graphics ranges, PCI Express ports (up to 512 MB)
            • Memory-mapped I/O that is dynamically allocated for PCI Conventional and PCI Express add-in Cards “


            So, this is the math, if we add all the MB from the list, it is equals to 846 MB.


            1GB =1024MB

            4GB = 4096MB

            4096MB-846MB =3250 MB

            3.25 GB total to be use.



            This board is not capable to map more than 4 GB of memory, therefore when you are using only 2GB, the board does not need to reserve the amount of memory (846MB). That is for design.

            Hope this information help you.