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    Annoying 'Hotspot Network' Notification


      Recently I've been getting an irritating notification every few minutes. I took a screenshot, which you can see at http://i.imgur.com/cWdnkyc.png


      It appears in the bottom right of the desktop, as you can see from the taskbar and clock.  It started around the time I installed something to let me access the wifi in the ATL airport, and while I suspect this is the cause, there is only one program listed as installed on that date, called 'Open It!' That doesn't seem like it would be the one to me.


      I believe this is due to an Intel program or application, since the blue icon is identical to the one for Intel PROSet/Wireless Software, minus the unlocked yellow lock.


      Can someone help me get rid of this? It's quite annoying, and I prefer to keep anything unnecessary off my computer.


      Thank you!