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    DZ77RE75K Version # G39010-302 Fix problem Pin 10 USB



      I got/bought a board Intel BOXDZ77RE75K Batch CNBQ264207 Version # G39010-302.


      As per Intel Product Change Notification 111512-00 there are two board revisions:


      G39010-302 and G39010-400.


      What should/can/may I do ? May I remove Pin 10 from the Front Panel USB 3.0 connector by myself without affection to the board warranty ?


      Are there precise instructions how to make a G39010-400 out of a G39010-302 ?


      Are there precise instructions how to fix pin 10 USB problem on a DZ77RE75K Version # G39010-302 ?


      Or is a better way to return the board to the dealer ? I didn't open the package yet.


      Please let me have your advice. Thank you.