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    Screaming fan noise, S2600IP4 + R2312 (R2312IP4LHPC)


      It's my understanding that the S2600IP4 is used only with Intel cases, so my pre-integrated bare-bones server combination should have had a reasonable fan profile out-of-the-box.


      But it doesn't. The fans run at full screaming velocity. It's louder by itself than our entire colo facility. The sound goes right through the heavy server-room door.


      Below is the sysinfo output. One thing that's concerning is that it lists CFM at 0.  I can see that with ipmitool as well. Is this sensor (and how does it work?) part of the fan control?  Is it broken?  I've tried all the different dynamic and static open and closed loop acoustic management options in the BIOS. Nothing helps. I've put in all the FW updates.


      sysinfo_log.txt: http://pastebin.com/R6rFHEbb


      Here is the configuration. It runs CentOS 6.3 but even in the BIOS or EFI shell the fans are screaming at some emergency warp factor.




      I guess I need some FRUSDR magic ... where do I start?