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    Problem Making Video Capture Card Work on DG43NB Board


      I cannot seem to make either of two different video capture cards work on the DG43NB motherboard. I am running the latest drivers (including BIOS). The cards in question are the AVerMedia NV-3000 and Hauppauge ImpactVCB. In both cases, the drivers and software load correctly. But, no images in either case. Both of these cards worked on an older motherboard. To be precise, I tried one video capture card, couldn't get it to work, uninstalled it, and installed another; still nothing.


      I am using the DG43NB onboard video. Hardware acceleration is set to maximum. Direct X is installed and runs correctly, as confirmed by dxdiag. I am running Windows Server 2003 with all updates.


      I suppose I could try disabling the onboard video and using an add-in card, but I would rather not go there if I can avoid it.


      Any suggestions? Thanks...