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    Not getting the 1440x900 res on GMA X4500HD


      Reposted as question for:  Ladislav Kovar


      Seaking for a help...

      I spent hours trying to solve following problem:

      Running iCore Duo E7500 on DQ45CB with 2GB KHX8500D2K2/2G. DQ45CB has GMA X4500HD graphics adapter.

      I pluged the LG Flatron W1934S but can't get tha native res (1440x900) as an option in res list.

      I'vew already re-installed VGA, BIOS, monitor driver >>> no change.

      Does anyone know how to solve this? Thx...

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          Hi Kovar,


          Unfortunately what you said is true, even I could not get this resolution on my DQ45CB, although the GFX chipset can support resolution higher than that, it is very strange why it is not possible to get this particular resolution.


          Hopefully, someone can explain this to us, as I heard that on certain boards this will be fix possibly thru either a bios fix or gfx driver.


          Let us wait and see.


          All the best,




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            Ali Khasan Shokhiyi

            I had the same problem before, so i explore on any possibility, and finally found a way that work.


            Right click on your desktop, choose graphics properties...

            go to display setting, set your refresh rate to 75 Hertz

            and voila, appear 1440 x 900 on screen resolution option.


            hope that could help.