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    S5500BC Questions


      I have 2 questions regarding the S5500BC server board. It's installed in the SC5650 case with 1 Xeon E5520 proc and the approved Kingston ram. I have also updated the Bios to version 36. When the system boots I get 3 beeps which in the documentation it says it's either a bad memory configuration or bad ram. I have 3 of them installed from the farthest slot rfom the processor as instructed. Slots B1, B2 and A1 are filled for a total of 6 gig or ram. If I try each one individually in slot A1, I still get the 3 beeps. The setting in the Bios is independent (can't change it either). I find it odd that all 3 sticks could be bad. Am I missing something in the bios?


      2nd, when it boots into windows server 2008 and I run the Intel Active System Console software, it shows the yellow yield sign on the cooling section but does not indicate what the issue is. Any thoughts on this?


      The system seems to run fine and will be used as a file server when the issues are resolved.





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          Hi there,


          Assuming that you have all compatible hardware from Intel Tested H/w list


          Can you check in the System Event Log if it mentions anything critical?


          It is unlikely for it to be the memory, as it is booting in Windows with a single memory module, then it must be something else possibly.

          Again the error regarding in the Intel Active System Console will be logged in the SEL log.


          Which cooling solution are you using?
          Product Code:


          Are you using any air duct?


          Which system fans are connected?


          Possibly someone who have experienced on the new board can point the errors to you.

          Let me know how it goes.



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            I'm running Intel's STS100C Heatsink/Fan combo. The case does not support the use of the air duct with this MB. As for the other hardware, I'm running 4 TB WD Hard Drives, they are not on the tested list that I can see but it shouldn't matter.


            There is nothing in the event log at all.

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              Just wondering how you are going with this board.


              My system also gives 3 beeps when booting and has on 3 occassions stopped with a Memory ECC error.

              My hardware is the same as yours (Case, Board, CPU, Fan with Kingston certified Ram).

              Running Win Server R2 with some virtual machines.