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    Intel D2700DC - cant get video output with Intel EMGD 1.15 on Windows XP SP3




      I have Intel D2700DC board (HDMI+DVI) and I want to have DirectX 9 acceleration on Windows XP SP3. I tried various configurations of IEMGD and didnt get any positive results at all - I always have black screen (no signal) after reboot. My screen can be connected to both HDMI and DVI. I triead all port configurations and tried to use only DTD, without EDID. Result is the same - black screen after reboot. Also I have no signal, after installation of the driver and then changing the resolution (before reboot).


      The only thing that I didnt try out is the CL register bits setting which is available on one of the pages of IEMGD. To set this I probably need help of Intel employee who can get these settings from BIOS.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Best Regards,

      Dmitriy Beykun