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    Activate AMT: A call to this function has failed - AMT Status Code - Success


      I understand what that means - the AMT returned a response that something happened, although that something was a failure, but I'd like to find out why.


      Full log details here:


      2013-06-03 16:56:04:(INFO) : ACU Configurator , Category: HandleOutPut: Starting log 2013-06-03 16:56:04

      2013-06-03 16:56:04:(INFO) : ACU Configurator , Category: VerifyFileSignature: The file "C:\Intel\Configurator\ACU.dll" is signed and the signature was verified.

      2013-06-03 16:56:07:(ERROR) : ACU Configurator , Category: Local System Account: Error: failed to retrieve Local System Account using MEI; error code - 3221242473

      2013-06-03 16:56:09:(INFO) : ACU Configurator, Category: -ConfigAMT-: IS04182.xxxxx.xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx:Starting Unified configuration flow...

      2013-06-03 16:56:13:(WARN) : ACU.dll, Category: GenerateOTP: No need to generate OTP.

      2013-06-03 16:56:41:(ERROR) : StartConfiguration, Category: Activate AMT: A call to this function has failed - AMT Status code - Success.  (0xc0004268).

      2013-06-03 16:56:41:(ERROR) : ACU.dll, Category: StartConfiguration: AMT Status code - Success.

      2013-06-03 16:56:41:(ERROR) : ACU Configurator, Category: Exit: ***********Exit with code 73. Details: Failed to put the system in the "Pre Provisioned" state (you can try to unconfigure the system using the MEBx "Full Unprovision" option). AMT Status code - Success.


      Also, what's the best place to start with all this AMT stuff? I'm reading through the Intel Setup and Configuration Software Deployment Guide and it seems to be a decent starting place, but some of the stuff is different, like the export XML file HAVING to be encrypted now (documentation shows it as a check box where you can select encryption if you'd like).


      Thanks, new to all this AMT stuff, but it sure seems neat.