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    Raid 1 rebuilt incorrectly w/ ICH10 - data lost?


      A few days ago I got a blue screen stop error, the exact details of which I can't recall off the top of my head, but the error was 0x00000007, and the file was ia???V.sys - which said it had something to do with the storage controller or something. After I rebooted, the RAID 1 array was completely gone. The drives were not even detected or listed by the array manager. Rebooting seeral times and nothing changed. I left the computer on for awhile and somehow the drives were back online when I came back. My data was there and all. I rebooted and the RAID 1 was listed as "rebuilding". I logged in, my data was still there, and the intel manager within the OS told me the RAID was being rebuilt.


      Great! I thought. I let it run over night, and when I checked this morning, I had a message "the drive must be formated before it can be used" 0-0


      I immediately shutdown.  Is there any chance my data is still on atleast one of the drives? Can I recover it with a utility like TestDisk?


      Not sure I really want to know the answer.