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    I7 3770K overheating with watercooling



      I remade my computer 10 months ago, as the i7 tended to heat up, I offer him a waterblock Antec Khuler H2O 920, all functioned normally, 60°C during a game, until a few weeks ago, the processor began to heat up, I dare not start a game (often close to 100°C back on the desktop), and recently after a time the computer freeze.

      It also heats when surfing the net.

      I change the thermal paste (zalman), verified the waterblock, put a bios update (gigabyte)

      Do you think that the cpu can have a problem?



      Detail of the machine:

      Zalman Z9+ (6x 12*12 fans)

      gigabyte z77m-d3h

      gskill f312800 8go

      i7 3770k           

      sapphire 7850oc x2 (crossfire)

      ssd intel 180go

      ocz zs650W

      antec kuhler h2o920



      Thank you very much.