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    i5-2300 vs i5-2400


      Good Evening,

      This August I plan on upgrading my CPU/Motherboard combo. And I need a little advice. First, I did plan on upgrading to the AMD FX 6000 or 8000 series, but in the past week, Intel has popped into the photo. First and foremost let me state the type of computer user I am. Simple, everyday user, web browsing, email, little if any gaming and the gaming I do is simple online games. Very few programs I have installed and what I have installed are like Microsoft Works 9, Adobe, Flash Player, etc. I have, of course, my OS Windows 7 with the programs installed from that disk (Internet Explorer, Notepad, etc.)……but that’s all. Of the 698 gbs possible on my hard drive, there is still 658 gbs free.

      OK….what I am looking for on the Intel side. I have decided to make it probably Intel Core i5 2300 or 2400.……with an ASRock H61M-DGS mobo.  Here is a look at the combo from a web-page of the company I plan on using, notice there are other mobos to choose from:


      Portatech.com -- Combo w/ Intel Core i5 / i7 (Socket 1155)


      …..price will change as time passes. They will test out the combo, but what I am asking about is the i5 2300 vs. 2400. Is it worth about $30 more for the i5-2400?




      My second question is similar in nature, also about Intel. Last year I built a cpu/motherboard combo and sold it on eBay, it was a Intel i7-930 socket 1366 with a Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 mobo. I tested it out, and it was nice. Would a combo like that be nice, or is it too “ancient”?




      Below are my specs for the system I have now.


      One last thing, I do not plan on overclocking……don’t even no what it means.






      Jimmy Nelson









      AMD APU A8-3850 CPU, 2.90GHz

      ASRock A55M-HVS, Socket FM1

      WD Caviar Black 750Gb SATA Internal HDD 7200rpm 64mb Cache

      VisionTek ATI Radeon HD 5670 PCIEx16 GDDR3 2Gb

      PNY Optima 2x4gbs (8 gbs total) DDR3 1333mhz RAM

      LiteOn DVD R/W SATA

      CoolMax v600 PSU 600Watts

      Windows 7 Home Premium Full Retail Version 64bit

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          The following URL will give you details on the features of each processor with their differences highlighted:




          Any of these two processors would be enough for the tasks that you have mentioned, so in that case, you might actually check if the rest of the hardware would comply with those requirements and see if the video card and motherboard combination are compatible, so you should check with its respective manufacturer for that.

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            Honestly, for your needs an i3-3220 will be more than enough, for what your describing the prescribed build is way over-kill.


            This is the upgrade I would recommend

            Intel Core i3-3225 - System Build - PCPartPicker


            I recommended a small 64GB solid state drive, install windows and all your apps on this baby, it'll make your computer fly! You can still keep your HDD for pictures and downloads, and just in case your ekked for space you can start installing programs on it too.

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