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    Intel X25-E disappearing every other reboot


      My Intel X25-E 32GB seems to disappear every other or every two of three reboots from the AHCI loading screen before windows boot.


      I'm using it on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R motherboard, with an Intel ICHR9 SATA chipset.

      I have it configured to use AHCI and it's running Windows 7.

      There are also other devices on the motherboard that consistently appear [two western digital 640GB hard drives]

      There are also other devices that show some flakyness: an Acard 9010B and a Gigabyte I-RAM. These show up more often than the Intel SSD.


      The event log one day last weekend showed a whole bunch of write errors [the logs are kept on the spinning drives], crashing the computer in windows, making me reboot.