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    Intel Entry Storage System SS4200-E


      I have been searching high and low for information about how big hdd this nas can handle. All stores says 1tb, and the in tested hardware-list the biggest disk i 1tb.

      Is this nas able to handle 2tb hdds ?

      How big disks is it able to handle ?

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          Hi there,

          Actually there is NO 2 TB hard drives validated from the THOL.

          Expandable to 4.0 TB – using four 1000 GB drives NOTE: For specific drive family and capacities supported, please refer to the SS4200-E Tested Hardware and OS List (THOL)

          TPS: http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4200-e/sb/ss4200e_tps_11.pdf
          Page 9

          From the THOL, there is no 2 TB drives that has been validated yet. So this means there is no guarantee that it would work or not.

          Website: http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/ss4200-e/sb/ss4200e_thol_14.pdf


          If someone did test it, may be it would be nice to know if it works fine.


          All the best,


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            I bought a couple of 2TB hdds and hoped they would work in this NAS. So far i have installed 2 Western Digital Caviar Greenpower 2TB (WD20EADS) in a raid1 config. And so far they are working like a charm giving me 40meg/s, and lots of storage.

            In a few weeks i will install 2 more for a raid5 config. Hopefully that will work too.

            I promise to report back in, if it works

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              I put on 4 Western Digital Caviar Greenpower 2TB and It works fine for 3 months... but today I get an error. I still don't know if it depends from the HDs or from the NAS....

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                What kind of error is it, do the nas say that all or some disks contains invalid data and needs to be rebuilt. But it isnt possible to rebuild ?

                I had serious trouble installing 2 more disks and get it to work, now that i finally got it to work you post about problems with 2TB-disks :-(

                How much data did you have on the nas before it gave you error(s) ?

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                  Hi, it worked very fine for 4 months but, 4 days ago, it said that I've changed one disk and if Iwant to add it to the RAID... of course I didn't change anything..but after adding this diskthe data ..disappeared.

                  Of course I'm not sure if this problem has been caused by the 2 TB disks

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                    This kinda scares me from using the nas at all.

                    I just finished a test where i filled the nas with 400gb data, removed one of the disks from the nas, low level formatted it, and re-inserted it into the nas.When i started the nas again it automagically rebuilt the disk, which took ~40hrs. I am now in the process of verifying if all the files survived the rebuild.

                    Have you contacted any customer-support regarding your lost files ?

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                      Hi, keep in mind that these HDs are not ufficially supported so noone gave me an answer. The problem happens only when I restart the unit after months of working. At that moment I had about 5 TB of data on it (in RAID5)

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                        This is something that i must test when i filled the nas completely with files. Hopefully it wont happen, but i dont know what i will do if it does the same thing as yours

                        Do intel even update the software anymore for this nas ?

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                          I have now filled the NAS with lots and lots of data. It stopped transferring data when it reached 4096gb total on the nas. Leaving 1333gb free. Now i can not read nor write to the nas. Ive been trying to find out which filesystem the nas uses. If its ext3 with 2kB blocksize, then that explains the stop at 4096gb. I have yet to confirm this though.

                          Guess this answers the question if this nas can handle 4x2tb. The answer is:

                          Yes, if you use less than 4tb of storage in a raid5-config, or running double mirroring ( (2x2tb)+(2x2tb) )

                          No, If you need to use all the storage available in a raid5 config


                          Edit: I restarted the NAS since it stopped responding at all. After the reboot it said it had an unclean shutdown and needed to rebuild the disks. This took <5mins and after that all was well again, no files were missing at all.

                          I have just filled the NAS completely without more problems and all files are accessible. I still have no idea why it stopped at 4096gb uploaded though.

                          I will start using it now for real, carefully, and report in if anything goes wrong again or i get any more info. on this matter.

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                            Hi, this is an extremely interesting topic for me, as I am thinking of setting up an SS4200-E with 4x2TB drives also. I already have one with 4x1TB drives working fine, but I have also been wondering about file-system limitations, controller compatibility etc.


                            Were you able tosee and use all the disk space? That would be around 6TB?


                            Please note that I have read some potentially important info that some NAS vendors suggest avoiding Green Power drives, because their spinning down feature causes problems with the controllers.


                            Looking forward to your next post!

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                              I was trying to get some information from Intel Support but not luck except a reference to the THOL ...


                              Any news on this Issue


                              Which EMC Lifeline Version are you using?

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                                A picture says more than a thousand words:


                                I've had this running without problems for a few weeks now. That data-reconstruction at 28% is one of the tests i did before i started using the nas. I removed one of the hdds, low-level formatted it and put it back in. The nas reconstructed the whole disk without problems, though it took awhile.

                                The nas uses the ext3 filesystem which have 4kb blocksize. According to wikipedia that gives 2TiB max file-size and <8TiB max filesystem size.

                                Before i started using the nas i filled it completely with files, which i then checked with md5-files i had for all the files. Everything matched the md5's.


                                I've been thinking of swapping the GP-disks for some other type of 2tb-disk, since you said they suggest avoiding GP for raid.

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                                  Hi there! If you've been running the system for weeks now with no problem, I wouldn't rush to change the disks. It might be more appropriate to run a few tests with sleeping the disks instead. But before doind anything, back up your data just to be safe.


                                  There are two scenarios I can imagine that are worth checking:


                                  1) The system spins the disks down to sleep based on your settings (settings->disks). This will most likely be fine, since the disks simply obey the command to spin down. Set the disks to spin down in the shortest setting (I think 15 mins), then leave the system idle and wait for them to do so. After some time (say half an hour after they spin down), try to access your shares and see how quickly they come up. Max 1 min waiting sounds acceptable. Monitor the lights when you do in case they blink purple or orange as this might indicate a potential issue.


                                  2) This is the more important test. Disable the Disk Spin down feature in the NAS settings, so the command to sleep will never be issued. Leave the NAS idle for a suitable time for the disks to spin down by themselves, say 45 minutes. Then start accessing the shares and see how quickly they come up. Its possible that the NAS will not expect the drives to be asleep hence it will not issue the wake up command. In this case the likely results I could foresee would be (a) nothing but it will take longer than expected for the NAS to wake up. (b) the NAS will hang and require a hard restart or (c) the NAS will assume the array is damaged and ask to rebuild it.


                                  I tend to find (c) unlikely especially since in the weeks you have been using this would probably have naturally occurred. The possible exception is if you have already set the spin down time to a very brief setting, so the drives did not get the chance to use their own feature.


                                  In any case, if you perform any such tests, do back up your data to be safe.


                                  Anyway, great to meet another SS4200-e user and trade experiences, there are not many of us around.

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                                    I have had some problems with the nas, 2 times:

                                    It would let me read the first mb of any file in any share, and/or let me write 1mb of a file to any share on the nas. The nas also did not respond when trying to connect to the web interface, and it refused to shut down as the powerbutton only flashed red (as it does when shutting down). A hard reset made it go back to normal bur warned about unclean shutdown, but all files and the entire filesystem was intact. This happened two times the same week.

                                    After the second time i started checking the options in the webinterface for options which might cause the error. My first thought was that the nas putting the disks in sleep-mode was the problem, but that option was disabled by default. I set it to 30mins and have had no problems since then.

                                    I had no idea that these disks went to sleep all by themselves, its probably good for regular ppl who doesnt understand anything about computers. But for us who knows atleast a little more than average its just annoying.

                                    Right now i cant really back up all the data from the nas. its just so darn much. But the most important stuff is still on the original disks still in my computers.


                                    Its a shame there isnt too many ppl using this nas, as it is probably the best nas for the consumer-market. My guess is that the reason is as everything else: People want quality, but they dont want to pay for quality. Though i would probably not have bought it if wouldnt have gotten the price-drop by 50%

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